Hotel rooms are still available for NordicFuzzCon 2018

Still want to attend the convention but missed getting a hotel room?
Don't worry! You can still attend and have fun together with your friends. It's still possible to reserve a room at our second hotel (though at normal hotel prices) and access our free shuttle service, which departs every 30 minutes around the clock. Simply board the bus, read/write a tweet while the driver takes you to the convention in under 10 minutes and enjoy. It's that easy and convenient, and you are never far away from your friends or your hotel accommodation.
You also get access to a locked luggage storage, access to the pool area for a shower after fursuiting, and the possibility to leave your fursuit in the fursuit lounge at the convention hotel.* Dealers will also be able to store their merchandise in the Dealers' Den.

So how do I do it?
It's easy! Buy a convention ticket with the option 'No Accommodation', and then click here to access the second hotel's official website to book a hotel room. (Make sure you add any extra days you want.) After booking, please let the registration team know that you have reserved a room at the second hotel using the comment field when registering for the convention.

* Storage at your own risk.

Current Availability

Below you can see the total number of remaining slots for the hotel rooms. Each slot is one potential attendee. Be warned, a room category can sell out fast! The numbers are updated automatically whenever someone makes a booking. So do not wait until the slot count is down to 1 before you register as it might get taken before you have completed the registration. Note: if a room category has no vacancies, you can still register to be added to the waiting list.

Just below the vacancies counter you will find the counter for the remaining slots to ride on The FuzzBus™. It's the easiest way to get from Arlanda Airport and to the hotel, and back again! For more information about this unique offer, see Travel Information.

At the bottom you can find information about our Add-ons.

Please note that the Early Arrival and Late Departure slots below require having a room slot on the main convention days.

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