Mausie and Iris

Hi there!

Mausie and Iris here. We're both cousins and identify as raus. Raus meaning a rat-mouse hybrid.

While we're both mascots of Nordicfuzzcon, Mausie was the first on the scene. In the start he mostly stuck to the background. Either showing up in conbooks, or sneaking around in the form of a plushie. However, in 2012 he decided to start helping around. In 2014 NordicFuzzcon a large inflated version of him started showing up as well. This version doesn't talk nor do much, just hanging around with a dedicated fan. The same year Mausie also got to star in his very own music video, Cheese party. However he would not be alone forever, and in 2019 Iris decided to make it a family trade and joined in on the fun.

We can both be found meeting attendees, attending events and being a general nuisance around the NordicFuzzcon STEW (STaff and crEW). Mausie has also made a small reputation around attending conventions and events, though Iris hasn't quite made up her mind yet.

If you want to contact either of us you can visit us on Twitter, contact us through Telegram, or by send us an e-mail; our contact information is available below.

On Twitter: @nfc_iris and @nfc_mausie

On Telegram: @nfc_iris and @nfc_mausie

On E-mail: and

We also have our own reference sheets.