The Dealers’ Den is where artists and other vendors offer their furry wares and services to NFC’s attendees, from art commissions to cute tails and everything in-between.

If you wish to register as a seller in the Dealers’ Den, make sure to check the appropriate checkbox during the registration process. You will then be prompted to send in your application. To ensure attendance, we’re asking a 50 SEK (approx. 5 EUR) fee for each table to be paid for once you have been given a table. Please find more information under “For sellers” on this page.

If you have any questions related to the Dealers’ Den, send us an email at

For sellers

Spots in the Dealers’ Den are given out on a juried application basis. This means each potential dealer fills in a form explaining what they’d like to sell with a few examples of their particular art. In addition, only those that have paid either the first term or their full convention fee are able to get a table. Artists applying should make sure to make the first or full convention payment as soon as possible.

To ensure attendance we’re now asking a 50 SEK (approx. 5 EUR) fee for each table to be paid with your registration.

The deadline for applying is November 15th, 2017. Spots will then be sorted in. We aim to send out a first draft of the Den layout mid January so that requested changes can be made in time for NFC.

Tables are 120 cm x 60 cm.

All Dealers will be able to join the NFC Dealers’ Den Telegram group if so desired. Details will be provided to each accepted Dealer.

For buyers

The NFC Dealers’ Den will be open from Thursday afternoon (March 1st) through Saturday (March 3rd) with the first hour on Thursday being exclusive to super-sponsors.

While some artists may accept PayPal or different currencies at their discretion, the official payment currency for the NFC Dealers’ Den is Swedish Kronor, in cash. There are cashpoints near the hotel if needed.

Dealers' Den FAQ

How do I get a spot in the Dealers’ Den?

You can state your interest in selling at the convention by ticking the appropriate checkbox during the registration process. More information can be found in the Dealers' Den section. Once checked, you’ll be able to fill out the Dealers’ Den application form where you can give us information about what you’re selling.
The deadline for submitting your form is November 15th, 2017. Spots will then be sorted and you’ll be notified if you’ve gotten a table. Your registration will be updated to reflect your 50 SEK table fee.
Due to the limited availability of spots we cannot fit in every applying Dealer, but we’ll try our best. If you missed out, take note of the shared table option (see below).

What forms of payment are accepted during the convention?

Typical forms of payments towards the hotel are cash (Swedish kronor) and different forms of credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. In the Dealers' Den and for the auctions, only cash is accepted. Some individual artists may accept payment with PayPal or in EUR but this is at their discretion. The NFC Con Store only accepts cash (SEK).

What happens if I don’t get a spot?

If spots are full but your application has been accepted, you’ll be put on the waiting list. Sometimes people will need to cancel their table, and their slot will be moved to the next person waiting. We will contact you with further information if that is the case.

I can’t attend, can I give my spot to a friend?

No. To keep it fair to everyone, please e-mail us at to have your spot moved to the next available person on the waiting list. This way we ensure everyone gets a fair chance at joining.

I want to be a dealer in the Dealers' Den, but I have a specific need/requirement!

Please ensure you fill out the “comments” box in the application form. This is especially important if you for example require extra space to hang things. We will try our best to help you. You can of course also contact us by email beforehand:

Can I sit next to a friend?

We try our best to make it work for everyone. If both you and your friend(s) have a confirmed Den spot, please contact us via We can’t guarantee to sit you all together, but we’ll certainly try especially if your request arrives early.

Can I share a table with a friend?

Yes, we in fact encourage this as it allows more artists to get a table. Please contact us at to discuss possibilities, make sure both you and your friend registered as Dealers and filled out the application form. The table fee remains 50 SEK on a shared table.

I have further questions!

Please email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.