1. Convention Ticket (required)

Standard Super-Sponsor
930 SEK +1170 SEK
(93 EUR*) (+117 EUR*)
Convention badge + lanyard
Conbook + pocket program
NFC 2019 t-shirt +250 SEK (~25 EUR*)
Café Snowglobe 1 free ticket
Super-Sponsor convention badge print
Super-sponsor sticker (for the sticker badge)
Special mention in conbook
Tiered super-sponsor gift **
Fast-tracked on-site check-in
Early access to select events
Early access to Dealers’ Den
Early access to the Art Show

Important: The ticket price will increase by 100 SEK (10 EUR*) to 1030 SEK (100 EUR*) after the 1st of December and another 100 SEK (10 EUR*) at the convention itself. Also note that a bank fee of 1.2% of each payment done is required by all our current payment options.

The sponsor and super-sponsor prices are in addition to the normal ticket price.


A sponsorship is a great way to help your favourite furry convention to do more fun stuff for everyone. You get some nice nifty perks and others get some benefits since we got a bit more money to make miracles at the convention.

Single day tickets

Do you want to join but only for a day? Why not try our single day tickets. You can either buy them online during the registration process or on-location. There are a few restrictions for single day tickets. They are not allowed a table at the Dealers' Den to sell your wares or buy an accommodation slot.

A single day ticket cost 570 SEK (57 EUR)

Limited Edition Gifts

** All our super-sponsors will also get a special limited edition gift from us. And the best is: the more super-sponsors we get the better this set of gifts will be! One [censored! top secret!] is there for you in any case. If we hit 150 super-sponsors we will add another gift, and at 250 super-sponsors it will become even better. The tiered extra gifts will be announced when we hit the threshold number.

Tier 1 (150 super-sponsors): Bonus gift! Currently locked.
Tier 2 (250 super-sponsors): An even better bonus gift! Currently locked.

Don't miss the convention t-shirts and hoodies!

Previous years' NordicFuzzCon t-shirts!
Sample t-shirts from previous NFCs.

This year's NFC hoodie
Our new NFC hoodie!

Outside picture of our new NFC walletInside picture of our new NFC wallet
Outside and inside pictures of our new NFC wallet

2. Add one or more add-ons (optional)

FuzzBus 80 SEK ~8 EUR* Per direction.
Floating Christmas Smörgåsbord (Buffét) 600 SEK ~60 EUR*
Glögg Sampling 150 SEK ~15 EUR*
Party Bus – Meet & Greet 150 SEK ~15 EUR*
T-shirt 250 SEK ~25 EUR*
Hoodie 450 SEK ~45 EUR*
Wallet 150 SEK ~15 EUR*

Our merchandise can also be bought on-site, subject to availability. We may not have all products and/or sizes available, as they may sell out before the con.

3. Accommodation (optional)

These are the convention days, early arrival days and late depature days.

24.02: Sunday Arrival - 25.02: Monday Arrival - 26.02: Early Arrival - 27.02-03.03: Main days - 04.03: Late Departure - 05.02: Tuesday Departure

Important: All prices listed below are for 1 spot in a room (not the entire room except single rooms). If you wish to share a room with your partner or friend(s), then both/all of you need to take the same room type.
More information about room sharing can be found here.

This year we are offering 2 hotels, the main hotel and the secondary hotel. There will be a shuttle bus from the secondary hotel to the main hotel that will be running at a frequent interval.

Scandic Infra City - Main Hotel

You can see the different hotel rooms here.

Price convention days** Price per extra day***
Standard Single (1 person room) 3400 SEK (~340 EUR*) 850 SEK (~85 EUR*)
Standard Twin (2 person room) 2400 SEK (~240 EUR*) 600 SEK (~60 EUR*)
Superior (3 person room) 2100 SEK (~210 EUR*) 525 SEK (~52.5 EUR*)
Family Superior (5 person room) 1700 SEK (~170 EUR*) 425 SEK (~42.5 EUR*)
Junior Room (6 person room) 1600 SEK (~160 EUR*) 400 SEK (~40 EUR*)
Gold Suite (2 person room) 5100 SEK (~510 EUR*) 1275 SEK (~127.5 EUR*)

Scandic Upplands Väsby - Secondary Hotel

You can see the different hotel rooms here.

Price convention days** Price per extra day***
Standard Single (1 person room) 3400 SEK (~340 EUR*) 850 SEK (~85 EUR*)
Standard Twin (2 person room) 2300 SEK (~230 EUR*) 575 SEK (~57.5 EUR*)
Superior (3 person room) 2000 SEK (~200 EUR*) 500 SEK (~50 EUR*)
Superior Extra (4 person room) 1900 SEK (~190 EUR*) 475 SEK (~47.5 EUR*)
  • ** Main convention dates 27 February - 3th of March (4 nights)
  • *** Sunday Arrival and Tuesday Departure is possible to register by contacting once your booking is complete. The other days are bought directly when registering.
    All extra nights also include the full breakfast buffet.

Note that the prices are per night and in addition to the prices for rooms during the main convention dates. E.g., if you have a Family Superior room (425 SEK per additional night), and wish to have main days, early arrival, and late departure, the extra days would cost 850 SEK. This would be in addition to the 1700 SEK for the main convention days, making the total 2550 SEK. If you only wanted late departure, that would be 425 SEK plus 1700 SEK, making the total 2125 SEK.

All prices are inclusive Swedish taxes. A bank fee of 1.2% of each payment done is added by all our current payment options, which are listed under the Attending Information page.
* Euros are calculated using 10 SEK equals 1 EUR.