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NFC starts on February 23rd 2022
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Full COVID vaccination will be required to attend NFC. Detailed information can be found on our COVID policy page located under Policies in the menu.


NordicFuzzCon 2022

Get excited! NordicFuzzCon will be taking place from the 23rd-27th of February 2022. It will once again be held at the Clarion Hotel & Congress Live in Malmö Sweden.

For our next theme, we welcome you to Toy Town! Toys provide us with comfort and escapism, and let us unleash our imagination. There is nothing more fun than playing together with friends.

Toys come in all shapes and sizes. From board games to plushies, to elaborate railway sets and Lego, there are toys out there for everyone and we're sure you'll find something to your liking in Toy Town. So be sure to keep your teddy bears, video game controllers, action figures, and unicorn poop slime (yes it's a real thing) at the ready, it's time to play!

COVID Policy

Our goal is to not only make the convention going experience not only fun, but also safe for everyone. All convention attendees are required to accept and abide by the following rules regarding COVID.

Vaccination is required:

  • You must be fully vaccinated against COVID before you arrive at the convention.
  • Having had COVID does not count as being fully vaccinated, nor does a COVID test.
  • You need to supply proof at on-site registration that you are fully vaccinated against COVID. Due to privacy regulations, proof of full vaccination cannot be sent to us before arrival and will only be accepted on-site.
  • Please see the sections below regarding what certificates are accepted.
  • If you are either unvaccinated or are unable to provide proof of full vaccination at the time of arrival, you will not be allowed to attend the convention.

Please make sure to read the entire COVID policy. You can find it by clicking the button below.

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Special Guests


Odsherred Zoo Rescue

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Guest of Honour

We are pleased to announce our Guest of Honour for 2022: the bright and brilliant Berneri. NordicFuzzCon welcomes them back warmly and we hope that your stay with us will be a most enjoyable one!

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Northern Light

NordicFuzzCon has reawakened from a long hibernation. This year, we are very pleased to play host to the lovely and talented Johanna Tarkela!

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At NordicFuzzCon we traditionally invite a select few extra special guests each year to attend our convention; these are our Guest of Honour, Charity and Northern Light respectively, with the Northern Light being a local Nordic creative individual that we believe deserves special recognition for their work.


One of the focal points of the convention is our many different events; some are recurring classics, while some are new for each year. Take a look below for a selection!

A sculpture outside the convention hotel

Meet Skåne, we will go out into the surroundings and all the way to Eslöv!

A picture of a server in our Maid Café
Maid Café

Meet the famous NFC's 2022 Toy Box Café!

Furovision logotype

A more detailed schedule will be released closer to the convention.

Seeing as we've got way more events and highlights than we can fit here, you'll have to check out our Events page and schedule to see them all!